After iPhone mania worldwide, the first series of iPhone 4 flaw reports warn of reception problems and unexpected blemishes afflicting the device.

I do not know how widespread these problems are, and note that the appearance of reports claiming such flaws is fairly typical after an Apple release.

Fault one: it is claimed reception problems occur when you squeeze the antenna areas on the case of the iPhone 4.

Marked by small grooves which are in fact those antenna, squeezing these areas is claimed to drop the signal.

Videos below via PowerBook Medic and Gizmodo.

in the left hand while touching the bottom left corner.

Widespread reports claim the signal bar declines while the iPhone 4 is held, but this has been described by Apple as a “software issue” which will be fixed in a future update.

Another series of claims are that some iPhone 4’s display strange yellowish stains on the front or back glass panels.

It is thought that this may be a side-effect of the bonding agent used to bind together the layers of glass, suggesting the agent didn’t get the time it needs to evaporate.

In many cases, these spots have appeared when the unit is first used only to disappear after some time.

Finally, it appears protective cases are essential for iPhone 4. This is because the toughened glass used in the mobiles is liable to shatter if dropped.